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The Piroche Cosmètiques is an extraordinary cosmetic firm in family hands which was founded in 1981 in Meran, Italy. I have been using the Piroche method for many years as it is the most influential treatment in detoxing, stimulating and regenerating the body. A wellness treatment based on Asian medicine, modern technology, Biarom essences and lymph drainage. The three-way system of using Biarom essences, hand and machine drainage helps to detoxify the skin and revitalizes it to a glowing state. Rosalpina is the latest line by Piroche for use in the salon as well as; private use. I have chosen a new French Brand: Demain as it is Ecocertified, 100% natural and affordable. It is Microbiome friendly containing pre and probiotics. Demain also has dietary supplements which contain pre and probiotics to detox, protect and slow down the aging process. Reducing toxins and balances the gut microbiota enhances the energy level and improve a lush and glowing skin.

Lydia Dainow was a pioneer in cosmetics dating back to 1934. This innovative brand, which I have been using for many years is still in family hands The family still follow the steps of tradition, innovation and Swiss Quality. Having a wonderful safe support over the years I found imperitive for my customers. Lydia Dainow entails purely herbal ingredients to regain and support a healthy skin.
Besides doing classic facials, I include Microdermabrasion, diverse peelings. I use Guasha to release toxins and water retention and the magic wand for deeper energy facials. I do lash/ Brow tinting as well as lash lifting. You can have a Manicure or a Pedicure as well. I love Essie as this brand is Vegan and has an exotic colour palette. I use warm wax for face and body, and I do makeup for occasions.

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About me

I qualified as an Esthetician in 1979 in Durban, South Africa. In 1985 my family emigrated to Switzerland. I started my own business in 1995 and chose to work with Piroche as this method has a healthy holistic approach. Detoxing is the best way to achieve a youthful and glowing skin. Biarom pure essences help to regain the skins elasticity and in combination with hand lymphmassage and the lymphdrainor, the results are astounding. Furthering my techniques and experience, I found my way into a stressless quiet zone. In 2015 I rebranded the studio and Simply New was created.

The past 7 years have been challenging and inspiring as I was following my instinct for a deeper route. In realizing that my energetic field has an impact on whoever I treat, I became more aware of my clients needs. I also came to the conclusion that with so much of todays stress and not having enough personal time, I had to create a room which would hold the space to breathe and relax.


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